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By _Salmon
Just reading the useful article about "Recommended Video Cards for ARCHICAD 20" we can conclude as much polygons you have the more VRAM you need to run smoothly in 3D view. Always talking about Quadro cards.

But i'd like to ask here, how about Pointcloud? Is it the same conclusion than polygons? Has somebody tested this?

As far i've tried to navigate 3D view with 4Gb Pointcloud files was very painfull.. For sure It was in a very old Workstation ( Xeon, 8Gb RAM,Quadro 2000 )

As i've update with a new Workstation, I'm trying to conclude how valuable can be invest in the upcoming Quadro Pascal cards (>16Gb VRAM) if i use pointcloud files in ARCHICAD. At the moment my Projects don't exceed 10M polygons :lol: so doesn't have sense to spend a lot of money just for modelling purpose.

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By _Salmon
Thanks to @OddGoderstad for tweet this information:
specs: Macbook Pro, 6.5 Gb Pointcloud
"That file is possible to work with, but painfull, I have thinned it now " :D

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By _Salmon
I found the question yet solved. Sorry for the confusion:

Gabor Almasi wrote:Hi,

The more sysftem RAM you have, the faster the display is. If the memory is not enough for the whole Point Cloud, the operation system has to swap which results in worse performance.
In case of the video card the speed of its memory is the most important aspect.
I sent you a pm with more specific solution.

By vgodzb
I have had challenges with 4GB e.57 files on my machine as I have 16 GB RAM.
How much RAM do you have on your machine?