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Does anyone know how to bring textures from object created in Rhino?
John Stanford wrote:
Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:08 pm
Anyone? :) I'm trying to import a Rhino model in AC20. It's a .3ds-model that I convert in Rhino to .3dm which I Import in AC which gives me a better geometry than importing .3ds directly but the colors don't follow...!?
yup, your workaround doesn't seem to work either and we're stuck with the same problem for the time being
I have the same issue, found this thread while trying to find a solution. I have been able to use Rhino either to create custom objects, or import from other sources ( for example, plants ) but whenever they are imported into Archicad 22, the texture information is completely lost, and I am left with a white object. For something as simple as a cabinet in simple paneling re-texturing would be doable, but when we're talking about for example, tree models in the correct species ( so that I have correct height and shape and space between leaves ) for the model, this is simply not doable. It leaves me with having to, once exported to Blender to create renders, manually replace everything, and makes cinerender useless, as anything but a white model will show a very white tree in the middle of a street. :/
This problem happens even when in Rhino creating native Rhino geometry and creating textures in Rhino. All color information seems to be discarded, and Archicad assumes layer color ( and not layer or surface texturing ) for the objects.