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Visual appeal, Interactions (Navigate, Select, Edit, Input), User Interface Components...

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By ispyridis
In AC20 these arrows are not available.

As a result I can't use favorites as shortcuts to folders with samekind objects.
This reduces speed of ddrawing a lot because everytime I need to place a new object of the same kind, I have to open the object settings dialog.

Also for some one who wants to place on floor plan many objects that belong to the same folder just for inspection or GDL editing.

(e.g. from embeded library, imported skp files that you want to simplify or hide excess geometry with the morph commands)

He still has to open the object settings dialog for each object and place them one by one.
ispyridis here - and all in general:
If you make a wish, make the subject of your post as exact as possible to what you are wishing for (same as you should make the subject of any thread).

The original title of this wish "One step forward two backwards" means absolutely nothing. I've changed it to reflect what is being asked for.
Not only I would bring back the previous next arrows but I would bring preview in the infobox too Since it is possiblee in favorites dialog it would be easy to put in infobox pallete. Also I would add a choice within gdl parameters environment to choose some importand custom object parameters to be modified directly in the infobox. that way you have a live preview of the tool you are working with and you can browse your library directly in workspace. also browsing options "browse by subtype", "browse by category", or by favorite.