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By arqrivas
Dan G wrote:I thought a few times about whether it would be useful to be able to have sub-folders for layers. That you can expand or collapse. Color coding would be good too.

I think sub folders is also a good idea, we need some more organization in there.
And something that will help us to administrate the layers is to have a function to hide and show objects apart from the function in the layers, personally my layer list grows because so far the only feasible way to hide and show elements in a plan is with the layers, so I have to do several layers just to control the visibility of elements and no other reason.
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By gpowless
What would be better in my mind would to have a persistent layer filter based on any of the available columns. That way if all you needed to see was the architectural viewpoints a filter of "A-" (for those using old AutoCad layer schemes) would all that would be needed.

I use something like that by putting commonallities in the Extension column. Then all I have to do is hit the ascending sort and viola! All the layers are sorted according to my scheme.