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By Wokka
OK, I don't usually use an IPad or mobile device, mostly laptops, but we've set up a project for the clients with several different scheme's showing various shading elements to look at on their Ipad. They are not computer savvy so I have uploaded the BIMx files for them onto there Ipad but I can't see anywhere that the shadows are showing or can be turned on. I just uploaded BIMx onto my android and see there is no option to turn the shadows on. Really?
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By Wokka
Yep I saw the article, but no obvious information on the App re shadows.
Graphisoft got back to me. Apparently it is already on the wishlist. Pity it took me a few hours trolling around and I still couldn't find it listed as a limitation on the app. I understand the issue re computer power etc to calculate the shadows in real time like the desktop version. Maybe give you the ability to save out 3 shadows schemes (so either shadows off, 9 am, midday and 3 pm..?)