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By arqrivas
Hello, I wish we could have a quick way to find (or list) the topics I started, instead of finding only all the post I made. Something simple like "View started topics"
There is a Search feature which is not exactly what you are asking for, but better than nothing.
1. Go to the Search page and type your user name in the "Search for Author" field. (this means the Author of the post)
2. Select the "Author" option in the "Sort by" field. (This Author is the Author of the Topic, the original poster, what you need.)
3. Select the "Topics" radio button in the "Display Results As" field.
4. Do you search.

Now you can see all results and you can simply scroll down an watch the Author column and soon it will start listing those Topics that you have started, which you are the Author of.

But I agree, it would be great to have a very quick way of doing it.
Thank you Laszlonagy, that is really better than nothing at least is easier than the other way I was finding them.

Anyway I keep the wish up, I hope someday we can have this quicker and easier :wink: