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so graphisoft have managed to find another way to remove functionality

I am now unable to search the bimx site for 'latest' uploaded models unless i know what im looking for!

It now only has 'popular' and 'featured' buttons but no 'latest' that it had previously.

So tell me how am i able to search by latest models now?
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By methy
Dear Graphisoft

When are you putting the 'Latest' button back on the bimx website?
otherwise how are we meant to check out the latest bimx models people are uploading if there is no longer a facility to be able to do this?

Sincerely me
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By methy
Hi Graphisoft, me again I have checked the bimx website and the functionality for viewing latest uploaded bimx is removed still any idea on when this is going to be fixed?
wow it has been 4 months since my last post, still not update on the website to bring back 'latest' bimx uploads button.

How will any models uploaded after the website changeover ever become poplular if no one is able to view them?

as the only options are 'featured' which is a handfull that graphisoft have highlighted

and popular which are models arranged by the most views/downloads
you would literally have to scroll to the bottom of an endless list just to find the latest uploaded models