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By Gerald Hoffman
Lets hope this is taken as a challenge by Graphisoft. I particularly like the lighting and sun study feature. I am jealous now.

By DGSketcher
Some competition might be the stimulus GS need to get BIMx working uniformly across all platforms.

I do like the opening door feature, feels really wierd walking through doors in BIMx, but having tried to navigate a small room with the door open there can be down sides unless it closes once you enter the room.

A bit of pressure in the VR department might also be a good thing, there is an inevitability to it.
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By rob2218
I just got my Google Cardboard to load up with BIMx and I have to's definitely the way to go.
Totally immersive and feels odd to think that you actually move out of the way when you walk too close to the edges of slabs or when you get to close to the walls. Kinda neat and freaky all at the same time.

It's amazing, going to take the cardboard box to my Christmas family reunion this year and let them wonder around the models I've constructed...............should be fun.