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Sustainable design; Energy Evaluation, EcoDesigner and EcoDesigner STAR

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By lucasafischer
Hey everyone,

I'm struggling to supply some information from the Eco Designer analysis on a small school project. I'm a student not a practitioner. Our sustainable studio is asking for data to prove design decisions, one in particular I was looking to get was the Daily Temperature graphs… they are not an option when I run the analysis.

I could really use some help. I'm using AC USA, but I can switch to AC INT if needed. I was also told that Eco Designer Star was discontinued for the USA version, so that might be the reason for the loss in data out put. I'm only speculating.

Any help would be great.

By furtonb

to my knowledge the ED* is not available to EDU versions, you need to work with the built-in Energy Evaluation.
But if you wish to have access to the hourly/daily/weekly/monthly temperature results:

1, Run the energy simulation.
2, At the Evaluation Report dialogue, click the small rectangle next to save as PDF (to the right).
3, Choose save as XLS, in the save dialogue click on Option.
4, Select the export you want (project/thermal block, hourly/daily/etc results).

From the Excel file, you can render the graphs you wish, or analyze the detailed result.