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One of our licenses was on/downloaded (through the Graphisoft License Manager Tool) onto a computer previously.
The computer started having general operating issues (unrelated to ArchiCAD) and we had to remotely erase and re-install the whole operating system.
Unfortunately, we were unable to upload the license back to the License Manager prior to the system erase, and the license was erased with the system.

How can I get the license back??
Is there any 'revoke' action or 'reset' to get all the licenses uploaded back to our account (and then have everyone re-download to their computers again)?
Please help! Many thanks for your help!
You have to contact your distributor to get another software key but you have to provide the ID of the missing software key. I guess you can get that by logging into your assigned administrator's Graphisoft account. He should have a list of software license keys under Company License Pool.

Here's the link in the Help Center: i-had-a-software-key-downloaded-but-my-hard-drive-just-died-what-do-i-do?