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Modeling (Wall, Door, Window, Roof, Stair...), Favorites...

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Similar to 'Select section marker on home story and zoom to it' or 'Show selection in 3D'. The ability to select a 3D element in either section, elevation or 3D views, then be able to zoom to that element in plan view (Home Story).
This has been asked for a few times.
Seems quite simple to do for a single element but I think the problem would be with multiple elements.
These could be from different storeys but your plan can only show one storey at a time.
So what would it show?
This is my guess as to why we don't have this feature.

There was discussion on possible options and workarounds in the other wishes if I remember correctly.
It is just a matter of finding them.

Here is one post I managed to find. ... ion#244685

Thank you Barry for your reply. You are correct about the issue of displaying multiple elements when they could be on different stories. My response would be to display a warning dialog box stating something like: 'The operation cannot be completed due to multiple elements selected which are on different stories.' We get similar warnings for other disallowed operations. Thanks again!