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By LaszloNagy
Sam Karli wrote:29. To be able to export/copy drawing sheet templates from one plan to another. If I create a sheet template for a project, I think I cannot copy it to another file, for example, to enable it in a template.

That Sheet Template is called Master Layout in ARCHICAD.
In the Help file read about the Organizer and the Project Chooser button in the Navigator Palette. With the Project Choose you can open the Project Structure of another Project and copy-paste Master Layouts from that other Project to your active Project File easily (drag-and-drop in the Organizer.)
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By Sam Karli
22. Will there be ever a working roof cut? The upper cuts are working, but I haven't seen a well done bottom cut, where the roof is above the roof surface. Regardless of cut with simple roof or cut with interconnected roof or SEO.
23. Will there be ever a normal, working door/window? The GDL is able to do everything, but still even for a single family house one has to make unique windows and do the 2D afterwork.
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