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By Jasfer Auman

i want to know if we have a counterpart of naviswork in archicad?
just not the entire interface, just the scheduling part where we monitor the progress of the building. same with the image below (please refer to this link if the image below is not working

if possible, theres no 3rd party software involved. add on is okay but not another software. (if possible)


best regards,

Jasfer from Ph
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By Erwin Edel
Install the Construction Simulation goodie, you can install goodies by going to: Help > ArchiCAD Downloads. This should take you to a download page where you specify your version of ArchiCAD. From ArchiCAD20 onwards it is a single installer where you need to pick which goodies to install, earlier versions had seperate downloads. You should update ArchiCAD after installing the goodies, as the updates to them are generally included in ArchiCAD updates.

I think the link provided by Eduardo shows what it can do.
By Jasfer Auman
ive been using goodies for a week now and in archicad 20 it occured that the animation is goodies cons simulation is not working.

also, thanks for the suggestion eduardo but if possible is there a way we can extract time schedule also? the progress of the building design construction ?
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By Steve Jepson
#269915 ... ionpr.html

I don't know what they call it now or who is marketing it. It should have been part of ArchiCAD!
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By stefan
While you can get a certain way using Graphic Overrides (color coding views based on Element properties), the crucial part missing is the possibility to hide elements as part of a Graphic Override (or only show those who obey a GO rule).

Out-of-the-box, it is trickery with layers, views, renovation status...
For main "phasing" this is feasible.
For full-on construction planning, it is not.

As a remark: my company developed something for SketchUp (4D virtual builder) which is a simple way to do this, but based on SketchUp. We envisage on the long term to extend to Revit en ARCHICAD too. But not tomorrow...