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By Davor Raspopovic
Hi all,

Does anybody knows what can be problem when 3D view is missing entire model. I can show just elements i click on them, but when I want to show all they just disappear. On that way I cant show my whole building, because I cant click elements on different stories. I noticed also when I click element in section view and then show selection it will show in 3D, but again if I try to show all, it disappears.

I must admit that my model is maybe a little bit heavy, because I modeled details.

I'm using AC 19.

Thank you in advance.
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By Barry Kelly
I have had a problem on a couple of PCs (not Macs) where the 3D view would look empty - although the model was still there and could be selected - just not seen.
These PCs use GeForce graphics cards.
When I uninstalled a program call "GeForce Experience" all worked as expected.
Here is a post about the problem ... ... p?p=263747

GeForce card installers can install a lot of extra software - all you need are the drivers.