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Hello, i know we can access and manipulate the parameters of an existing object from within Grasshopper.
I was thinking that it would be amazing if full GDL 3D Objects could be created directly in GS together with their parameters and then sent to Archicad just like other BIM elements. That would be a type of visual GDL connection and would be a huge feature. There is the Rhino to GDL convertor already but can we add more intelligence to the 3D objects like dimension parameters and more?
Will this be possible to add this feature in a future release of Rhino-GS connection or is it in your wishlist? Thanks!
I have no idea about the technical/effort implications of such a feature, but this would signify a rebirth for GDL.

My most passionate 1+ to this wish.

Now, coming back to the earth, I suspect that Graphisoft has already considered this, and:

a.-for some reason is not viable : (
b.-they are already working on this, or has plans to do so.
That is something I have been discussing here in the office. The creation of custom GDL objects, where the grasshopper parameters (sliders for example) translate directly into GDL parameters (inside the object selection settings).

Have my +1 :)