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Today we noticed that our sheet index is sorting the sheets in a strange way, but here is the kicker: sorting is turned off in the index settings! (Please see the attached screenshots.) I have no idea what criteria it is using to sort the sheets in that order.

Does anyone know what ArchiCAD is using to sort the sheets, and how I can fix it?

Backstory: We are trying to create a sheet index that lists the sheet number, name, and date of the last issue. We typically show this in a matrix, just like the example shown in this thread, this thread, and this thread. We feel that we've found an acceptable compromise with the automatic sheet index, but the broken sort order is a deal breaker.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Screenshot showing the problem and the index settings.
Just confirmed this does not appear to be a problem in ArchiCAD 20 (build 5025.)

(The project in the screenshot above was started in 18, took a bit of a "vacation," and came back to life today.) Still, we don't have time to migrate the project today into AC 20 (we need to send some drawings out the door asap) so if anyone knows the solution, we would appreciate it! :)