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By Markit
Hi there!

Is it possible in any way to merge uniform items in schedules with different length (as it is calculating with volumes or areas, for ex. see attached pics.), so I get just a summary length of all the items?

Thanks ahead!)
merging volumes not merging length

Yes. In the Scheme Settings > Fields, add the Sum sign "∑" to the values you want to total.

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By Markit
David Maudlin wrote:Markit:

Yes. In the Scheme Settings > Fields, add the Sum sign "∑" to the values you want to total...


Thanks, that is clear, but I'm asking about Merge Uniform Items check box, there is a problem with length value. It is possible to merge items with different volume or area values, but I'm confused how to merge items with different length.

From the Help files: (User Interface Reference > Dialog Boxes > Format Options (Interactive Schedule):

Merge Uniform Items: If this checkbox is active, identical items will be grouped in the schedule in a single record. If it is inactive, all items will be listed individually.
Items are uniform if the values of their fields are identical (e.g. same element type, surface, orientation). If the only difference between two elements is their area or volume, they are still considered uniform.

So it looks like there is not an option for merging items with different lengths.

Thanks for adding the signature.

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By Markit
Thanks! I've read the help files before about area or volume grouping. Just wondering why there is no possibility to merge items by length, as this is the same value as an area or volume.

So seems that if I have to calculate and show on the specifications layout just the total length of all my sidewalk borders (for ex.) the only way to do this is to cut my schedule view on the layout? And if the number of my borders will change, I will have to do this again...and again

Maybe somebody knows another solution?
And to further complicate the situation, you can not assign Element ID per a length either.
These kinds of problems translate into all kinds of awkward work flows and workarounds.

It should be a very basic and routine thing to assign the same ID's for things per their length. Like part numbers of an assembly. All the parts of the same length being assigned the same ID, and the total lengths of things with the same ID shown in a Schedule. I can do that, but not without a lot of fussy work.
There is always a way to get what you want from ArchiCAD, but it may not be a very efficient process.