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Hello there. I´m having a hard time playing around with the interoperability from ArchiCAD to AutoCAD with the translators, i'm solving everything slowly but there´s this problem that is giving me some trouble... when i export to AutoCAD from ArchiCAD, i do it so all my views appear in the model space plus all my layouts remain set in the layouts panels in AutoCAD, but... my interactive schedules won´t appear in my model space, only in the AutoCAD layouts... i'm trying to link my schedules to worksheets so i can link them to the layouts in ArchiCAD so in that way all my annotations and schedules DO appear in the model space when exporting to AutoCAD, but i tried everything yet i can´t still make it happen.

I wanted to ask if there´s a way to make interactive schedules appear in the model space of AutoCAD like my floor plans and cut plans? I´m using ArchiCAD 20. Sorry for my english if i wasn´t clear enough and thank you for your responses.
I think a Schedule Viewpoint is not a model viewpoint.
If you generate a Schedule and use the Save As command, you will see that there is no option to save as DWG/DXF. So I think this is not possible to do.
Oh well, i had high hopes it was in some way possible since inserting schedules to layouts is no big deal in ArchiCAD 20. It´d be a nice feature for next ArchiCAD version so that way all your information appears in the model space when exporting to AutoCAD. Also thank you for your response, ill try then exporting as PDF and exploding in worksheet view so i can later link it to layouts.