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My Archicad is crashing when i connect the CW Scheme to the Setting component in GS. It first freezes a few seconds then it crashes.
It happends the same with Boundary CW or Line CW.
Units are in Meters, so it should not be an overusage issue.
The only workaround is to adjust the scheme from AC.
Is there anything wrong i am connecting in GS or it might be a bug?
If i connect the Scheme to the Settings it will crash.
By daviiiiidave
Hey Guys,

did someone test the CW Segment Component in AC?

Im just trying to make an standard CW.
I made a CW, added CW Settings and then i tried to add CW Scheme Settings. But if i connect a BToggle to the Panel Pattern my Archicad crashes.

Someone has any exprience with this?

Have either of you contacted technical support, or sent in the crash log if Bug Reporter popped up after your crash? (This is not tech support, but just user chat.)