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I would wanna ask if the new (AC21) Classification Manager allows to synchronize its data with "Classification Reference" field of the Standard IFC Scheme, which we are using usually applying Predefined Rules or editing XML classification files. (i.e. Uniclass 2015, OmniClass or others).

This link is the new "Classification Manager" on AC21 -->

Custom Element Classification is useful if it matches or synchronizes with Classification Rules, most of them National or International Standards to apply into "Classification Reference" STANDARD FIELD (not custom).

Thanks in advance
classification reference - issue - DDV.JPG
Classification Reference ISSUE
The default Classification in AC21 is just the main functional classification, regardless of any national or IFC classification with a main tree (Construction Element > Beam, Colum, Slab, Wall...).

You can still apply "Predefined Rules" as before and those arrive into the IfcClassification Reference property set.

You could also set up a new classification according to any national standard, if you wish.

The IFC Property Mapping is still available but now as part of the Translators.
You could then map your own Classification into the necessary IFC Properties via the mapping.
Thanks Stefan.
We'll test it when AC21 arrive at our office.
Meanwhile, we must keep editing XML if our goal is to implement a new or non-listed National or Official Classification System in the Predefined Rules.
keep in touch,
Graphisoft is preparing a few implementated classification systems for implementation by clients. Not sure which ones, though. I expect something along the lines of Uniclass and Omniclass, but there are (many) others in use all over the world.
In this BIM task group of Catalonia (GuBIMCat) , which I am on its board and also member, we wrote a post (as far in Catalan and Spanish) how to implement classification in models, and also how to create your own XML files with other classification systems.

--> ... -un_9.html
In the videos, many prepared classifications have been hinted at.

The link in the video is only partially operational, but I read Uniclass, Omniclass and some from our region (STABU, BB/SfB).

Downloads not working yet.

I've created one myself, starting from an Excel table and some formulas to put them into an XML structure as expected by the classification XML import/export.

In about 3 hours, I've prepared an XML, merged in my Excel text and did the reparenting back in the Classification dialog. This was for a local classification for social residential projects, widely used by Architect in Belgium. Alas, the majority of this system relates to materials and not elements, so usability is limited for ARCHICAD 21 (which only allows Zones and Elements, not Building Materials or Surfaces to be classified).
I tried to recall it, but it was a screenshot on Twitter on which I could read the URL.

I'll place it here, but don't shoot me if GS removes it again (as it doesn't seem to be fully ready yet). ... _Data.html
Ah, ok! I already saw this URL following #KCC2017 hashtag last week.
All this little steps towards DATA seem to become something more consistent next months or maybe in AC22.

AC-Grasshopper live connection seems could be our best ally managing more efficiently all this stuff.

Meanwhile... we'll see...