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Good morning!

Has anyone managed how to mapping into a Custom PSet some sort code from the standard field ifcClassificationReference ?

It turns out that most IFC viewers (except Solibri) do not allow the filtering of the model through the classification field of the IFC standard, so there's no other option than to use custom PSet. In AC21 they have chosen that way, the one of the PSet customised to include the classification field, but without solving its synchronisation with the defining standard field with its Predefined Rules.

Some ideas, avoiding to use another additional XML with the new Classification Manager ?

IFC scheme has its own field to place this information, regardless market IFC viewers don't allow us to use it properly.
After some tests... I got a result.
Thanks Stefan for your suggestion of using IFC Type Mapper in the IFC Translator. Although I had to edit choose a "DATA CONVERSION" option to allow exporting "Classification as ifcClassificationReference".

The only thing I still don't get it is to automate without user action, the "classification" info box option, switching on the desired classification system to be exported on each element.

I would like to avoid "dumb users" , who sometimes don't use "favorite tool" for modelling, not to do any action to classificate.

Any suggestion to automate this final "step" ?
class as ifcclassRef - DDV.JPG