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I have a few windows that need to be modeled and appear as one unit in the schedule. The closest I can get is using the curtain wall tool (first image). However this in considered an 'opening' and will not be generated in schedule. I can generate a schedule of each individual unit within the curtain wall, but this is not what I we need.

I have also tried a 'Store Front' window. However there is no operable options and no trim. This one however shows up in the schedule.

What is the best solution for complex windows? Thank you!

- ArchiCAD 20, Mac

Curtain Wall.png
"Best" depends on your future needs, or if this is a one-off situation I suppose. This question comes up somewhat regularly, generally in the Schedules forum which is where I'm moving this - as the issue is more a scheduling issue than a modeling one.

First, I would suggest that you verify if the manufacturer honestly would ship the 10-sash window you're showing as a single mulled unit - vs a 2 + 3 etc.

You can fake this with the W Ribbon 20 window, set to show 5 sashes, and select "Custom Sash" as the sash style, creating your own custom sash that models the bottom awning/hopper (I assume that's what it is in the image). You'll have to fake the opening lines in the schedule and if you want them to show in elevation.

You can also build your window by mulling individual windows, convert it all to a Morph, then convert that back to a window object (after laying it flat on the ground) as another way to 'fake it' for a one-off. But, it won't respond to model view option control for display of opening lines etc - you'd have to fake that.

If you want 100% control over which sash are operable and how, and for this to appear as a single unit, and to be a live model element - then Cadimage D/W is the way to go.

GS UK developed the Modular Joinery object which can probably do what you want, but it isn't available outside the UK as far as I know: ... p?p=265127
The modular joinery object should be available to all those who are on SSA. It doesn't seem to be visible if you directly search BIMcomponents but you can access it through the settings box for windows. See attached screenshot.

The interface is different from standard GS openings so it may take a bit of experimentation.
modular window on bimcomponents 2017.05.06.jpg
Thank you for the insight. I decided to separate the windows, but provide matching ID tags per combined units.

For example : W01 shows up in schedule as W01-A and W01-B