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I have these panels that i made with a simple Prism GDL command and i am getting their orientation and coordinates from Grasshopper.
As you can see in the picture, sometimes, some of the panels from the lower side are displaced. If i move the Rhino model or do some changes it happens to get fixed, and so on. I know there was a old bug related to this but then it happened with every single panel. Right now it only happens to a few of them.

I believe there is stll a bug ?
Hi All,
Yes, this is an error, thanks for letting us know, we have recorded it. The problem appears in the 3D window, when the active 2D window is not the Home Story of the elements concurrently displayed in 3D. A partial workaround is to change the 2D window to display the Home Story, however it doesn’t solve the problem in all cases. We are planning to fix this error as soon as possible. Best,k