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What would be the best practice for converting a "BUILDING.PLN" file which currently resides as a "hotlink" into a "SITE.PLN" file to just walls, door, objects, roofs, slabs....etc..?

Meaning, I have two separate files right now. Ones the "building.pln" the other is the "site.pln".
The "building.PLN" file is currently hotlinked into the "site.pln" file.

Now that the design is settled, how do I simple "bring in" the building information (ALL OF IT) into the site.pln file without doing to much hoop jumping?

Meaning, I'm looking to avoid having to go turn on all the layers and unlock all the layers from the "building.pln" file and having to copy/paste from one file to the other, story by story...object by object....there has to be a "click of the buttom" way to just convert the current "building.PLN" file which is inserted (hotlinked) into the site.pln easily.

whats the best practice for doing this?

I saw the "break hotlink" button....but I was hesitant to use it cause...well, I'm not sure what "break hotlink" does?

Will it merely no longer link the building.PLN hotlink but it will still be a 'hotlink ' file?
or will it do what I'm asking?
You will still have the original hotlink file (building.pln) so you can still use that if ever you need it again.
But breaking the hotlink in the site plan will mean you now have editable elements in the site plan with no link back to the original file.
So the original file is now really obsolete.

Personally I would try to keep the hotlink seeing as you already have it there.
As you mentioned you can turn layers on and off (create layer combinations) so you can get the views you want and you can also set up your sections and elevations in the site plan file as well - but there is no need if you already have them in the original building file.
You just can't turn off the master layer that the hotlink is in because it will hide the entire hotlink regardless of what other layers you have on.

If you need to edit the building just do that in the original file, save and then update the hotlink in the site plan file.
Keeping the original building file as a hotlink means if you have sections and elevations set up there already you do not have to do them again in the site plan - sections and elevations do not come across with a hotlink.

You can even have the two separate files but only one layout book (in either file) as you can link a drawing on a layout to an external source.
i.e. you can link the site plan layouts into the building file.
In fact you can open the Organiser, in the building file, open the site plan in the left side and view the layouts and drag the site layouts to the building layout book on the right side and all the external links will be done for you.
Saves you linking manually.

Thank you for your reply Barry.
I'm going to make a "SAVEAS" file of my current site.pln file and do the "break hotlink" see what happens.
it appears the entire building pln is grouped but at least now I can work on "ONE" Pln file instead of having to go back and forth from "building.pln" to the "site.pln".

Since I'm the only one working on the job the hotlink issue came up because initially we had two sites with two different patio configurations so I had to develop two site.pln files, but now that the building design "and" patio deck design are solidified....I only want to work in one file.

Also I noticed that my laptop having to hotlink the building.pln file it was a bit sluggish.....I'm hoping performance improves with the building "and" the site now being all in one file.

thanks again.
Yes when you break a hotlink all elements will still be Grouped which can be handy if you ever want to select them as one again to move them.
Of course they can be ungrouped if you want or just suspend the groups to work on the elements.

that's what I was looking for....the "break hotlink" command.
Brings all the elements (walls, slabs, roofs, etc) into the current PLN and then you can work with modifying what needs to be adjusted.

it worked just fine.

thanks and the grouping feature is a good one.