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For anyone out there looking for a non mouse solution, I have been using my pixel c tablet, and an app from ASUS called remotelink. I did have to tweak my mouse setting a tad to get it to be fast enough for me but all I have to say is WOW.

It is so much easier, smoother, everything really using a stylus. the first day was kinda hard as i had to let go of my normal concept of moving the mouse,

but at this point three days later. I will never go back to a mouse again. I dont even have a precision stylus yet (its on its way) but still the ease of use and the pain my hand no longer has is amazing.

If you hate your mouse and want to leap forward give this a try!
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Very interesting - please tell us more...any chance of a home video using the set-up?

I must admit, I'm very fond of the idea of using ArchiCAD on a large (42" or more) retina touch screen with a stylus & touch interface......perhaps just a sign
that I grew up & went through university using a pencil & drawing board !

Although it seems there is not much hope of that for Mac users, judging by the noises coming out of Cupertino these last few years....
Ill try to make a video later today. I got my active stylus yesterday, and the difference is insane. its almost like using a pencil or pen.

after my experimenting the one thing you need is an extra set of keys, or a programmable keyboard.

you have to simulate scroll click on the keyboard.

I have a Steel series keyboard on my laptop so i just reprogrammed it to be awesome sauce.

Still getting used to the stylus but its still so much better than a mouse. and i was using a razer naga epic chroma.
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By s2art
Would be great to see how it works. Interested to see how you deal with directional constraints with a stylus, among other things. As an old-school former drawing board user I am intrigued.
Haven't had time yet to make a video. I started with my android tablet, but i purchased a wacom intous draw and i have to say it is amazing.
a bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it is stellar.
I did have to turn off the touch though as it was causing archicad to freeze.

Ill make a video to compare the two hopefully soon

update on this, the wacom tablet works way better on a mac, go figure. much more pleasant experience than with windows