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The core problem is that I'm thinking of objects detecting if they are connected to each other.
For example there are two windows in a wall and if one of them is snapped besides the other a connecting profile is shown.
Their coords can be put to parameters and it can be queried by another GDL object.

But ArchiCAD obviously inhibits such a query.

-the SQL is useless (what is it for?)
-the Property GDL add-on is only able to query keys, not params or any data of any object
-the request is available for only labels and other objects that can be associated to an element.

Is there a workaround?
The objects can't talk to each other directly.
The only way I know to do it is to save data from one object to an external text file and then read that data into the other object.
You would somehow have to tell each object to write and read from the same file, make sure that one window writes and the other only reads and also make sure that if you have other pairs that they use a different text file or the same one but with unique data.
Plus I am not sure if it would be a live connection - change one window and you may need to re-build and regenerate to update the other.

It is not impossible but it will get very messy.

Possibly creating an add-on may be able to help but that is not something I know much about.