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Element Classification - "Building Element Proxy"

I am trying to make sure an IFC I am sending out to share with the Contractor and other Consultants has the correct Element Classification.

My walls and ceilings are all fine but the Raised Access Floors the only choices I can see are "Slab" or to use "Building Element Proxy" and then add an IFC Description that says what it is ie "Raised Access Floor"

Am I doing the right thing or am I missing something?


I do it that way in these cases:

1. Assigning as PredefinedType attribute: USERDEFINED
2. Filling the ObjectType as your own custom type: "RAISED ACCESS FLOOR"

I think it's the aimed and right use of the Userdefined option on PredefinedType attribute field, using de OBJECTTYPE description.

Check with IFC File Analyzer (NIST) your IFC and generate the Spreadsheet, and you'll can see the results.