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By Brett Brown
Hi all, I need to add up about 100 level dimension values. Having never needed schedules or lists, is this possible in a schedule or element list? cheers
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By Erwin Edel
Not directly in that way.

You could schedule the elevation to project zero of the elements you have dimensioned with level dimension. You could then export this schedule to excel and let that add it up.
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By Steve Jepson
Brett Brown wrote:Hi all, I need to add up about 100 level dimension values. Having never needed schedules or lists, is this possible in a schedule or element list? cheers

Just curious, what for? Since level dimensions are placed on some element, could you not just schedule the sum of the heights the level dimensions are placed on? It must be an interesting situation. ?
By Brett Brown
Not very interesting,we need the average ground level height around the building perimeter at 1m intervals on a sloping site. That value plus a certain amount will give us a maximum roof height value to keep under. Of course you have to prove how you got that average ground level. Did it manually.
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By Steve Jepson
It's very interesting to me. We have to do the same sort of thing around here.
Examples --


An Interactive Schedule for this would be very useful. There are a lot of fussy reports and evaluations we need to make for Building Permits these days. This is another good example of why we need a better way to use Formulas in ArchiCAD.

Some of the Energy Calculations required around the US are Excel Spread Sheets that you download from the Building Department website. When I have to use those (Washington State for Example) I make an Interactive Schedule that generates the data I will need to fill out those forms, in the same order as is in the form, so I can fill it out quicker. I am not familiar enough with Excel import-export to make an Interactive Schedule that I can import with Excel and have it fill out the form perfectly. But I think it can be done. ?
By JaseBee
Agreed, I thought it was an interesting problem, if I were doing it all the time I would create a object to do it for me. Would be nice if they let you schedule useful stuff like level dimensions and such though right?

Failing that I would probably approach it with columns. Place them at the intervals you want to measure (have them all on their own separate layer). Use their height as the measurement you need to take. then create a schedule calling all the columns on that layer, their heights (with totals enabled) and the quantity field. Then dived the total of the heights by the quantity of columns.

Easy! Until you change the buildings design and you have to do it all over again... :P

also the multiply along a path feature might be useful for this, though I've never used it.
By alemanda
Use of columns will solve the problem. JaseBee suggested it.
If I'm not wrong you can have the sum of the height of the columns in a schedule. you don't need anything else.
As JaseBee said place columns all around the boundaries so that the height of each column is the level you want to measure. Then set a schedule only for those columns scheduling heightsand quantity (number of columns)and then just make a simple maths to get the average.