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By methy
just out of curiosity? where was the thread moved to?
i searched the categories front pages and couldnt see it anywhere?
and with no other obvious place to ask questions about bimx other than 'working in archicad' i cant see where it would have gone otherwise
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By methy
ah of course i read this after the move makes sense now,

paulmckean if you want to export a bimx as a white model you could try using the graphic overrides if you are using v20.

this can make all materials white, doing it this way would mean your client also wouldn't have to go changing any settings within the bimx viewer program itself and you can do this using the Global Illumination engine turned on
(as normally you are unable to save a bimx after altering the view cone, eye height,or scene rendering like you once could in older versions of the bimx viewer)