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By kittonian
AC21, and I'm creating schedules. Why is it that I cannot seem to create a single door schedule, format it the way I wish, save a view, change renovation filter, save another view, and retain the correct formatting?

Instead, what seems to happen is that the schedule reformats itself each time.

The workaround was to create another schedule (i.e. one for existing and one for proposed) with the exact same parameters and a saved view for each one. Then I have to look at these schedules using the views instead of the schedules themselves in order to retain column/row formatting.

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By LaszloNagy
Maybe there is a technical reason for this, or maybe the developers have not thought of it as necessary to be able to define default settings for Schedule geometry formatting.

I think the View Settings do not have anything to do with the formatting of the generated Schedule. A View does not capture settings for formatting, I believe. At least I do not see any field in the View Settings Dialog that would indicate that.

Setting up your Schedule formatting is something you could do in a Template File. You could create all the Schedules you would possibly need, format them, and save it as a Template File.

Please also remember that you can Duplicate Schedule Schemes based on an existing Scheme and the duplicated Schedule will inherit the formatting settings of the Scheme it was duplicated from. So once you have a Schedule with a certain format in your Project, you have make a duplicate, then modify the criteria and fields.
Schedule Schemes can also be exported and imported so you can try exporting a properly formatted Scheme from one Project and import it into another.
By kittonian
While I appreciate the response, you should try creating a schedule and then formatting it and saving a view. It does indeed save the formatting (cell/row spacing/height, borders, etc.).

To recreate the issue do the following:

1. Create a door schedule with some columns (element id, 2d view, opening view, from zone, to zone) on the "existing" renovation filter
2. Modify the column/row widths/heights and get it looking good
3. Duplicate the schedule and name it whatever you wish (schedule2 or something)
4. Double-click to enter that new schedule and change the renovation filter to "new construction"
5. Format that as you did in step 2
6. Double click back on schedule1 and you'll see that your formatting has changed. Reformat it again and click on schedule2 and you'll see that your formatting has changed

Now, here's the workaround

1. Perform steps 1 & 2 above
2. Once you have it looking the way you want, create a view of that schedule
3. Duplicate that schedule and change your renovation filter to "new construction"
4. Repeat step 2

You'll now notice that if you access your schedules from the view map portion of the navigator window, you will retain all of your formatting.
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By LaszloNagy
In the original 6-step process, at Step 3, how do you "Copy" a Schedule? I couldn't figure out what you mean by that.
There is no Copy command in the Scheme Setup Dialog. It is not possible to Copy a Scheme in the Project Map. So what do I need to do in Step 3 to Copy?

Did you skip step 2b, where you create a View of the generated Schedule, then you copy the View?