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By gpowless
Yes. It can be solved. The error was brought up during beta testing but the programmers refused to change it, insisting that most architects draw stairs with the arrow pointing from high to low. We argued the opposite point but guess who decided.....
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By dkovacs
You are right. This is not a wish, rather an issue, for most of our American (and some Japanese) users.

This behavior was designed in a way that supports the standards and workflows of most of our users all around the world. Most of the standards represent stairs with the arrow always pointing in the same direction on all Levels (usually up), with slight differences about how they represent the visible and hidden parts (dashed or solid lines). That's why a Floor plan view consists of 2 parts: a visible, and a hidden part, with different representation options.
In the current menu structure, including an additional option to have hidden-visible option sets separately for different levels, requires a huge change in the way it is currently designed and coded, so we couldn't include this bug fix before the release of AC21, and we also can't implement this change within an update. We are already working on a solution for this, for version 22.
In the meantime, we have managed to find a way to satisfy some users with the current system with a workaround until the final release:
These users only display the parts of the stair below the break-mark on the lower floor, and on the upper floor they show the entire staircase. This allows them to have the lower-level part be only a "visible" part, with it's own settings (arrow pointing upwards), and the upper-level part to be only a "hidden" part (arrow pointing downwards). This way they can set up both views with the same line types and settings, only with the walking line pointing in the opposite direction.
If you need to show visible and hidden parts both on a single level, the workaround in the meantime is to turn the walking line start- and end-symbols off in the Model View Options dialogue (in the Detail level of Stair section), and draw them with lines and fills (that can be grouped with the stair).
Sorry for the inconvenience until we fix this issue.
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By Dave Jochum
dkovacs wrote:Hello
This behavior was designed in a way that supports the standards and workflows of most of our users all around the world.

It's frustrating to read this explanation. A proper stair tool--a critical architectural element--is crucial to BIM software. It's surprising to me that Graphisoft would ignore the input from Beta testers that their solution was absolutely not acceptable to a significant number of architects. And after all these years of asking and waiting, we're still waiting.
There ought to be howls throughout the user community about this. Still can't decide whether to laugh or cry.

The head of the company should have made this announcement. It's a major embarrassment and someone senior should be wearing it publicly.

I'd like Graphisoft to script and release a GDL object to assist in the task of having to now carry bits of 2D graphics on top of your lovely part to make it work.

This should be Graphisoft's workaround, not mine.
By Tom Krowka
Noted the comment from the GC guy regarding turning off the walking line arrows in stair details in the model view. I don't seem to have that control option....nor can I turn the walking line off anyplace. Not a good solution here GS.

In MVO: Detail Level of Stair and Railing Symbols > Stair Symbol > Walking Line, but this only changes visibility between Visible & Hidden Parts.

Stair Tool: Floor Plan Symbol Components: uncheck "by Model Views Options", uncheck "Walking Line".

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By dkovacs
Just to clarify for Tom and David:
You don't have to turn off the whole walking line, you can turn off the Start-/End-Symbol by itself in both the MVO settings and the Stair Symbol Settings.
MVO Settings.jpg
MVO and Stair Symbol Settings