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By ispyridis
Stairs should connect just two different points. If too steep tends to be ladder if too lowly tends to be ramp. Depending on inclination the structure changes too, rarely you can find steep concrete stairs and if you do they mostly have an inset at the riser to accommodate for short going, but you can find steep steel stairs with stringers or central beam.

Between the normal stair lower inclination range limit and the ramp, must be a range of values that can be solved with the combination of normal stair-landing or stepped landing or ramp- and stair again, where the user will be able to adjust the position of the landing. a stair segment that would include the "landing" in it and giving us the option to play with its position after placement would really solve the "any point" bridging problem.

It would solve landscaping problems but it would give also speed and freedom to building stairs too.

Finally for very lowly grades, ramp or stepped landing should be incorporated.

The reference line of structure should connect the lower point of the first riser with the furthest end of the last tread.

I think this would make input very simple.

Just define the run you want, the algorithm will decide structures for each segment, in edit mode you will be able to change kind of structure if it fits, depending on inclination, (eg ramp and stepped landing or if segment very steep you will not be able to have monolithic options).

This kind of stair tool would fit better with Archicad's simplicity, and would cover nearly every possible case.
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By LaszloNagy
I think these regulations vary greatly by country.
For example, in Hungary, you can do a 20% ramp (1 in 5) in some cases where traffic is very low (up to 4 parking spaces). I am sure there are many regulations.
I would say a better approach is to set the various ranges in the Rules and Standards panel and save that as a Favorite.
For example, you would enable and set the Stair Pitch minimum and maximum values to 50 degrees and 75 degrees, respectively, for Ladders, so when you to start creating such a Stair, you would first activate this Favorite and go from there.