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By Chris B
Twice now, I have Bimx models in which the textures are all "warped" and pieces of the model have disappeared. This is true on the ipad as well as desktop.

Everything looks perfect in archicad. In one model, I even went back to an earlier version and from which I had previously uploaded good bimx models and uploaded again with the same problem.

Model have been uploaded from different machines as well with the same result - once it happens, there seems to be no way to get it fixed.

Obviously, this is a major problem as we use the models frequently and relay on them. In fact ,a major part of my business is working with another architect to produce them so this is a threat to a core component of my business .

Any help appreciated...

Check the project origin, if model is far away from 0,0 it will be the reason.
Rafal SLEK wrote:Check the project origin, if model is far away from 0,0 it will be the reason.

I totally agree with Rafal. I have already solved this problem of BimX texture in a client who conceived his project always too far from the absolute origin of the file Archicad

You can try to change the location of the origin of your project by bringing it closer to your building via the first icon on the left of this tool window
Thanks for the replies. Although the model was close enough to the origin, we discovered that a simple object we had created was causing the problem - something in it's creation must have included a distant origin. Finding and deleting instances of this object solved the problem.