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Is it possible to display surfaces/materials in a section/elevation?

We would like to generate a series of views (elevations) in which the actual textures of the materials are displayed rather then the Vectorial Hatching -> i.e. a 2D-representation of the 3D-model.


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Thanks for the info Henrybs14.

That was one of the ideas I had been thinking about. Sadly one cannot add annotations an dimensions to a 3D view, and that is essential to what we are trying to do.

That said, we have just tried another approach: using a Graphic Override in which Image Fills substitute the Vectorial Fills that are used in elevations. For this we defined image fills that hold the same texture image as defined in Surfaces. As you can see in the attached images, this works great!

But it doesn't. It just falls short as apparently the override 'obscures' the shadows.

Does anybody know why?!

I've also tried creating a 3D Document from a non perspectieve 3D view. But with that I can't display the textures of the surfaces.

Enhancement request for Graphisoft!!
Add a few the options to Elevation/Section settings.
For Model Display / Fill Cut/Uncut Surfaces With -> "Own surface Textured" with Shaded and Non-Shaded.

This would greatly enhance the abilities to generate textured 2D-views.

Hi Johan

Have a look at this floor plan I did yesterday for a prelim.
So I've got a sketch rendered floor plan scaled... then I've got my floor plan over layed with all my notes at scale 1:50.
Though you'll notice my render says 1:39.

I don't particularly like this method, I'm currently trying to find a way so that it comes out at the right scale.

This way you would get your shadows.
Though personally I don't like to show shadows on my elevations.

I think the image fill override doesn't work in Section/Elevations because those types of Viewpoints simply are not coded to be able to display textures.

You could render a parallel projection of your Elevation, save the image and then place it in the Elevation, resize it to match exactly the model and send it in the background.

Or you could take a generated Elevation, take this rendered elevation image and put them together on a Layout in a similar fashion, overlapping them on top of each other.
Loosely related....

Anyone know how to get VECTOR HATCHING back in the SKETCH RENDERING windows?

Worked fine in AC20... but my STONE / TILE etc fills won't show up in AC21 Sketch Engine Renders...

Yes, I've got the checkbox selected and theres line weight to hatching... Just all shows up blank...
Here's an odd twist...

Rendering them LIVE (in 3d window, hit the render button) produces NO HATCHING...

Saving them as a VIEW (exact same settings) and placing the view onto a layout shows the HATCHING...
If you set up your surface textures as image fills, you can then use Graphic Overrides to show the image fills in elevations that you want them on, but retain the graphic style of fills when you need them too. You can have the best of both worlds! You can have elevation shadows, but you have no control over the aerial perspective so it might look a bit flat depending on how much modelling there is to your facade

If you ant full on rendered elevations, just set up a render window on a sheet and re-scale it so that its the correct size. You can set the view so that it automatically re-renders as an update.