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By thompsonmp
I have an existing building, with existing steel columns that I know the sizes of from the as built drawings.

Initially, I want to indicate the columns as a grey fill with a black outline due to the columns being encased but I will want to show more detail at a later stage (the UB/UC etc with the casing around it).

Is there a way of simplifying the current appearance for the planning drawings?
You could possibly use Partial Structure Display settings - although this will globally effect all elements so may affect more than just the columns.

You could use different level of detail columns in various layers that you can turn on off as required.

You could use a very simple complex profile for you columns in the early stages and as the job progresses you can add more detail to this complex profile.

You could use Renovation Filters (new, existing and demo) to show various level of detail columns (similar to layers really).

Graphic Overrides on their own won't be of much use I don't think as it sounds like you want to change the level of detail and not just the appearance of the columns. But you may be able to use in in conjunction with above methods.

Thanks for the different options Barry.

Would a complex profile with the boxing material and an air fill work? I.e. the air fill could have an override for lower levels of detail that makes it grey (hiding the column detail at the same time) but no fill for more detail?