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I have on one floor (hight +3,33) a platform (hight 3,96). They are both a part of the same level. Now I have a door on the platform, hight 2,26m. When I drew a measuring line next to it, it calculated the hight of the entire room, resulting in a door-hight of 2,895 (door hight+platform hight = 2,26 + 0,635 = 2,895).

Is there a way of chaining this, without having to edit manually the value on the measuring line ?
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 11.11.48.png
Is the size of the Door Opening larger than the actual Door itself?
Which AC version? Linear Dimensioning options have been added in the last few releases so the answer may depend on your version.
Could you show me a 3D of the Door as well?
And also a screenshot, with the placed Dimension selected, showing the Dimension Details panel of the Dimension Settings Dialog?