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By Jeff Kogut
Is the Sketchup export function broken?

It's been a while, but I just was trying to export a r20 file and it would go to 23% and the export screen just goes away. Tried to save a local copy instead of over our network. Opened the same file in r21 and tried the same with same result.

Checked with 2 other users in our office and they've had the same experience with r20.

Is there a size limit, or poly limit? The file reports 255,000 polys.
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By Jeff Kogut
So... I found the issue.

Using the 'Cabinet Wall Triple Door 20' (or 21) with 'Knob Style 7' with surface texture it crashes the exporter. Use the same surface after removing the texture and all is good.

And, to reiterate, it's only on this cabinet with the knob style.
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By LaszloNagy
Glad you sorted it out.
It would still be useful to find the source of this bug because it may come again with other textures.
Could you report this to your local reseller with an example file and they will forward it to GRAPHISOFT development so they can take a look at what was causing the issue.