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By Maysum Rashid
I am working on quite a large project, where there are LOADS of key notes.

We are using Masterspec for the specification, when we have a change to the key notes, is there a way to update all keynotes that have changed at the same time.

As atm its not working that way, I have to zoom to each keynotes and repair it and it takes some time to repair it.

Also this is a teamwork project, so what I have been doing is zooming to each keynote and reserving it and once i have reserved all the keynotes I want to update I hit repair. But it only repairs the keynotes i have on my screen.

anyone know how to fix this? or is this a bug with keynotes?

Thanks in advance.
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By henrypootel

For technical support for the Cadimage Tools, please email us at

For updting note, simply opening the Audit tool and hitting the 'Repair' button with no notes selected should repair all of them, but if this isn't working, then please let us know.