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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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I am trying to import a Google Earth terrain model into Archicad thru Sketchup. I was able to do this just this past winter. Sketchup has since changed it's ways and requires one to own Sketchup PRO ($695.00) to have this functionality. Are there other ways to do this?

My stupid question of the day is why doesn't Archicad have this functionality built into the program? We had it once.
a little update:

I have downloaded the 30 day free trial version of Sketchup Pro. For terrain models and satellite images Sketchup is now using Digital Globe not Google Earth. This information is generated within a window inside of Sketchup as opposed to importing a KMZ file. Once I generate a SKP file I can drag the file into Archicad. When I try to import a KMZ file into Sketchup Pro it doesn’t appear. I could be doing something wrong as they still show KMZ files as an import option. I want to find out if that is still possible as Google in my situation has more current satellite imagery. I get the feeling they are blocking this functionality. Anybody else wandered down this rabbit hole?
Funny I was trying to do the very same thing today, the Graphisoft user guide is absolutely no help as it talks about the older versions as if they are current and that it's as simple as that, you can hardly find any reference that the interface is no longer offered, or that you are looking at the older versions of Archicad instructions. I've used the SketchUp method in the past but can find no reference on how to do it now that there is no interface between Google Earth and SketchUp.

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Hi All,
SketchUp does no longer have access to Google's geo data because they had a 5 year deal with Google after Trimble bought them out. Apparently, SketchUp pro still provides this data from another provider. Our recommendation here is to use SketchUp pro because there is no other way to get Google terrain model into ARCHICAD without the aid of Sketchup. Best,
there are Grasshopper tools in Rhino that do things like this.

The results could be passed to and made available for ARCHICAD via the Rhino-Grasshopper connection.

oh wait. it's not ready yet. maybe next year.
Our recommendation here is to use SketchUp pro because there is no other way to get Google terrain model into ARCHICAD without the aid of Sketchup

A major shortcoming of ArchiCAD is that we are left to rely on Sketchup! Need a library part...check sketchup. Need a terrain map....NOT EVEN GOOGLE....hey go buy Sketchup PRO. Disappointing response from Graphisoft.