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Hi all -

New to ArchiCAD here. Having a hard time figuring out why my roof material is not showing up on my sections and elevations. It shows up fine in the 3D model view. I remember tinkering with a setting someplace and I think I must have turned it off...not sure what I did though. This is one area I'm having a hard time grasping - any help, tips very much appreciated! Thank you!

Check the Surface being used for the Roof > Vectorial Hatching; this is the hatching applied in section, elevation and 3D views. The Cover Fills are for the 2D view.

Figured it out! I had changed something in the Document> Graphic Overides> Graphic Overrides Combinations - it was there I had changed it to "Cover Fills Empty" - why I have no clue - but changing that back seems to have fixed everything.

Thank you!