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By maxboth
Hello fellow Archicad users,

I have a question about the recommende hardware. Currently we are running archicad 20 on the following system:

Cpu: intel xeon E3-1220 V5 3.00 ghz (boost to 3.4 ghz)
Gpu: NVIDIA Quadro K620
ram: 16GB 2133 mhz

This system is fine for projectes up to 500.000 polygons but beyond that we start to noticing a real decrease in performance and a increase in loading times between modify's.

What for system is required for projects that can go up to 5.000.000 polygons?

withing a reasonable budget of around 1500-2000 euro's?
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By sboydturner
You could probably just upgrade the graphics card to a more powerful card with more memory such as quadro p4000 which has more than four times the processing power of your current video card, additionally you are probably a little low on ram.

Alternatively HP z240 workstation - HP Z240 TWR E3-1240 32GB(2133-DDR4) 256GB(SSD) M4000(8GB) DVDRW W10P64 would fit the bill and shoul be in your budget