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Hey guys,

Ok, so the situation is I had to create 7 files before actually setting up 1 file with all its worksheets and views in place and then creating the other 6 duplicates.

If I select one of the 7 files and do all this prep work in (worksheets, views, etc) is there a way to take all this information and add them into the other files, without having to manually do it again for each file?

Hope I explained what Im trying to do.

Kind regards,
The actual section, elevation, worksheet and detail markers you can copy and paste from one file to another.
This will just be the markers themselves - not the content they show.

The actual views (in the view map) where you set the scale, layers, pen set, MVO, etc. can not be copied from one file to another.
You will have to set that up in each file.
Hence set them up in the original file (template) before you duplicate it.

Layout pages can be transferred with the Organiser but be aware the drawings on those layouts will link to the original file - so you must re-link them to the new views you create in the new file.

Thanks Barry,

It actually wasn't my choice to make the 7 files now, I wanted to w8t till i got 1 set up correctly then make the other 6 files, however the situations was that other ppeopl in the office needs to work of those files (Job is on a time limit as always haha)

I figured I would have to make each actual view in each file (it is what it is)

But its good to hear that I can copy over the other stuff, what is the correct way to carry that out?
As mentioned the section, elevation, detail and worksheet markers can be copied and pasted from one file to another.
They will retain all their settings but not any 2D content (annotation) that may have been in them.
You will then have to re-create all the views for them in each file.

Layouts and masters can be dragged from one file to the other via the Organiser.
On the left side you open the file you want to copy from (you can browse or if you have all the files open already then you can choose one from the list - top left button in the Organiser).
So open the file that has the layouts you want on the left (and choose the layout view in the organiser) on the right side show the layout view as well - this will be your current file.
Drag what you want from the left to the right.
Now be careful because any drawings on those layouts or masters will be externally linked to the views in the original file.
So you need to select each drawing and choose 'Link to...' and choose a link to the internal view you want.
Or simply delete all the drawings so you have blank layouts and then place new drawings from your view map.