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By alemanda
is it possible to use the speech recognition instead of pressing keys to run commands in archicad?
Instead of CTRL+T, for example, I'd lilke to say "Settings" so that Archicad opens the settings dialogue of the selected element.
Has someone ever tried it with a certain success?
Which software do we need to perform such as operations?
Speech recognition of windows 10 is ok to do that?
Thanks to all contributions to the matter.
I have only been able to do this with Dragon Naturally Speaking (although there may be others that work), and I believe it requires the "Professional" version to get keystroke commands to work. Learning how to program keystrokes is not very intuitive, either, but it's there. They have frequent sales of 50% off the list price, so I purchased for USD $150. It was a little tricky to get to work correctly, but when it's working, it's pretty amazing!

I tried to get keystroke combinations to work with the Win10 voice recognition, but couldn't find any way to do this very easily, so I gave up and went with DNS. I find that it works really well with adding text notes, too.
By alemanda
Thank you Richard!
... surfing on the web I found a free solution
it uses the built-in speech recognition engine of WIN 10.
I'm already testing and seems it works perfectly.
the fmost important things is that you have NO fastidious lags from voice command to execution
Good find! I wish I had found this earlier and saved a little money. On the other hand, DNS is reputedly significantly faster and more accurate than Windows voice recognition, and I find that I am using it now to write articles and long notes on drawings. So DNS may still be a good investment when you factor in the additional editing time of Windows VR.