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By svpribyl
I'm "old school"...

I would like to have a door and window schedule without elevation "views" included. This is easy enough to do. Then I would like to a assign a door "type" or window "type" to each door and window, with a separate schedule showing only the Door Types.

I'll stick to doors for the sake of this discussion: A door type would be single door, double door, dutch door, louvered door, etc. Anything that looks different in elevation. Size is not relevant if that's the only parameter that is different. I don't want my door schedule to show a view of a dozen doors if they are all the same "type", such as a dozen views of a single-leaf door. I would have only a few views of types of doors in a separate Door Types schedule, with the "type" referenced from the Door Schedule.

I can't find a field for an ID that would allow this to happen. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to accomplish this?

I am old school like that. One schedule for views and one schedule for types.

You would need to use AC Properties Manager (under the Options menu) to create a "DoorType" parameter and assigned it to Doors then you can schedule based on that.
Hi Eduardo,
I'm attempting your solution. I created a new classification system, a new group, and a new property. There were none in my file (were there supposed to be some?). I created a DoorTypes property, but I'm not sure what you mean by "assign it to Doors". Could you elaborate?

Hi Eduardo,
I think I'm getting closer. However, if I click the check box for "ArchiCAD Classification System 01" and close the "Availability" window, the Available Properties reverts back to "None"
Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.38.20 AM.png

You don't need to create a New Classification System. Check under Classification Manager that you have Archicad Classification loaded and try again?