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Hi everyone

I spent ages customising my stair in ARCHICAD 21, i had it all working perfectly....then now, for some reason, it is not showing up in 3D view. It shows up fine in all the 2D drawings, plans, sections and elevations. If I click on it in 2D, and select F5, it shows perfectly. As soon as I hit F5 again to bring back everything else, it disappears!!

Anyone know why this would be happening??

I have successfully been able to recreate this issue with our office template. Download link below.

You will see a dummy house with a stair next to it made from the new stair tool in version 21. If you go to the 3D view you won't be able to find it. The only way to see it in 3D is to select the stair in 2D, then hit F5. As soon as you click F5 once more to bring everything back, the stair disappears in 3D.

You can also select the stair and another object, say the wall, and hit F5, The wall and the stair will appear in 3D. But again, if you hit F5 once more, the stair disappears.

screenshots attached for explanation
stairs (Medium).jpg
Not sure if this will give any clues, but I performed an SEO with the stair and wall (upwards extrusion), but again, as soon as I hit F5 again, the stair disappears, even though the operation result remains.

It leads me to think there is something corrupt in the file. Both this test file and my own project that is having this issue were migrated from v20 - I'm not sure if this is the issue?
stairs 2.jpg