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When you export an AC composite, formed by different skins with its own Building Material definitions, you only see the "Name/Description" and "Thickness" when you check the IFC model on a viewer.

In another side, Archicad has its own Material Catalogue (XML file) in order to use it in the EcoDesigner tool (or energy evaluation), linked to Building Material database, but without transferring those properties to IFC Scheme.

At the same time, in Graphisoft AC20 help guide appears (see attached image) the information about TAG and CATEGORIES data of Building Materials are shared as standard IFC Material properties.

The PSets of IFC4 Schema "IfcMaterialProperties" are this: ... erties.htm

My question is: Does Graphisoft intend to associate this XML file and its data with the standard Property Sets of IFC 2x4 Schema ?
IFC4 MVD "Reference view" improvements