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By bouhmidage
Hi guys, i was looking for creating a list of drawing wich updates automatically, the list contain the drawing placed on the current layout,

is there any way to create such a list please ??

Thanks in advance
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By Erwin Edel
Document > Project Indexes

This should get you started. You can create drawing list, view lists, change lists, layout lists, issue contents.
By bouhmidage
yes i just looked for it and tweaked parameters,

but i have to create tens of lists, each list for specified drawing placed on specified layout

it cannot be placed on master layout so it updates automatically
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By bouhmidage
another possibility :
is it possible to change the default Revision History Object to receive thoose parameters shown in the attachment, ?? needs scripting skills maybe
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By Gerald D Lock
It is possible to list all drawings placed on a layout by using Auto Text, but the text is returned as a series of comma-separated values
eg. If I draw a text box on a layout (or master layout) and insert Auto Text from the 'Drawing' sub-menu (see screen shot)

To achieve anything better than this (like a table) would involve a GDL scripted object.

What is the purpose of such a list, if all the drawings are placed on the layout anyway?