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By fhedberg
Hi all,

Long term user of ArchiCAD and have run into an issue with AC21 that’s got me stumped, I hope it’s just a bug and not just me going crazy in my older days.

The issue is that I have placed 2 elevations on a layout…both identical with the same settings, however one of the placed elevations show some (not all) pens differently…?
I have quadruple checked all settings…but can’t seem to figure out what is going on. They both display correct in their own view set but differently once placed on layout.

Has anyone of you had something similar…?

I’ve gone through and checked the usual suspects, graphical override / renovation status / pen sets / scales / repaired file…etc. but still no change.
The thing is the pen weight is correct when printed to PDF but any cover fill placed on layout with grey will come out differently. We've tried opening the file on different computers with same result as well.

Attached snapshot shows the two elevations next to each other placed on a layout.
Pen and fill bug on layout.JPG
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By s2art
A colleague is having the same issue. Can't work out what the problem is but it looks like it is related to renovation filters getting confused. Any fix yet please?

This problem is occurring in 1 of 4 elevations, and does the same thing when a new Elevation Marker is placed or when a Section marker is used in place of the Elevation marker.

It's almost like the Renovation filter is changed between the View and the Layout.
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By s2art
hfs55 wrote:Latest update is meant to fix it. ... Notes.html
Still a preview release.

Thanks for that. Didn't see anything in (my brief look at) the release notes that looked like it applied to this but we'll give it a go.