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Hey all,

Is there a way to have different layer combinations per hotlink instance?

When working with a multistory building consisting of replicatable units using hotlinks streamlines the model. The issue is that units on some levels / in some locations may not have, say, a balcony. So, without creating a new module for each unit that experiences this, is there a way to edit select hotlinks without changing them all?


To answer your question: no, you cannot edit a module to be different from another instance of the same module.

You can, however, have nested modules. So if you would assemble your units based on that, you could have different modules, but underneath the elements are still a collection of modules. So if you edit the 'sub' module, so to speak, this would still change everywhere where this module is used.

In your example, make a module for the balcony. Include that module in the module for units with balcony, exclude it in units without balcony.