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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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I have a situation where my floor is divided in 3 strips of different composites.
All 3 slabs have the same finish.

I was expecting the floor plan to display it continuous,without the division line being displayed.

however, I get the division line, and I'm interested if there's a way for it to blend seamlessly.

I've got workarounds, (by using zones, or hiding the slab in floor plans; but I'm hoping for a "how it should be done" answer.

image in attachment;
If you need the different composites, then I'll do the slabs without the finishing layer, and do another slab on top with only the finishing.
Lilith wrote:Also, the section seems to have no problem blending the different composite layers... so I'm even more intrgued why its a problem in top view.

The plan is not a projected top view of the model - it is a symbolic view.
In 3D (section/elevation) when similar surfaces join they will blend together.
But in plan you are getting a symbolic representation of each slab.
No joining unfortunately.

So you either need to use one slab for the entire area or at least for just the top surface or workaround by hiding them, or covering with white lines or fills.

To add to Barry's comment you can change the outline linetype & pen of a slab in the slab settings, so you could use a very sparse dotted line with a white pen to loose the edge in plan.